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Help Topseashells in identifying these shells!

We here at Topseashells have quite a few shells that we are not able to properly identify. As we know that most shell collectors enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of identifying such shells, we have added this new feature to the website : Shell Identification

To help us identify, simply pick a shell from the Identification list (which is in the same format as all our lists) and either click on the picture or click the Identify link.

You will then be taken to the details page with all the information we know about the shell. With it is also a form that you can fill up (note: all fields are required). If ever you have additional knowledge about the shell or if you can identify the shell, please fill up the form and click Identify to send it to us.

We hope you enjoy identifying these shells with us. If you have any comments please don't hesitate to contact us.

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