Specimen seashells for the most critical shells collector. If you are a serious shell collector we are the shell dealer for you.

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There are many benefits to registering in Topseashells. Once you are registered you can use your username and password to Login and enjoy these benefits. (You can check 'automatic log-in so that you won't have to enter your username/password again). Here are the benefits for logging in :

  • Automatic Reservation - When you order shells as a registered customer you will immediately have priority over the ordered shells. When you press the Submit button the shells will be automatically reserved for you, no need to wait for email confirmation. This way you can be sure that the shell you ordered will be available to you.
  • Auto Fill-up forms - You won't need to type in your details on the forms anymore as your information will be automatically displayed.This will save you the time and hassle of filling up the forms every time you order.
  • View your Reserved and Archived Shells - Members now have the ability to browse the shells that are currently reserved for them, as well as the shells that they have already purchased. These features are available on the left part of the site under 'My Reserved Shells' and 'My Archived Shells'.
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