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Seashell Facts

Seashells are our passion, we hope you will find this page useful in expanding your knowledge in collecting these gems of the sea.

We will try and update this page with new articles on conchology.

Collecting Shells

There are so many reasons for collecting seashells. A lot of us start collecting shells because we are attracted to its sheer variety and beauty. Some of us gather them so we could study them and learn from them. This hobby of hours is called Conchology (the study of shells). And it can be a lot of fun!

We have some articles to help you be on your way to becoming a conchologist. Shell collecting can be fun and rewarding, and we hope that we can help you enjoy this wonderful hobby to its fullest.

Finding Seashells

There are a lot of ways for finding shells for your collection. You can go to shell shops located in various parts of town or order online through www.topseashells.com . But by far the most fun and most common way of collecting shells would be by going to the beach and finding these gems yourself.

The beach is a treasure trove full of beautiful shells for you to pluck. Here are some tips on finding the shells that you want.

Go to secluded beaches with less people. You are more likely to find a lot more shells since there are fewer people around. Try and time your shell collecting to coincide with the low tide. You will have a lot more area to search for shells this way. Donít be afraid to dig around, some of the shells are likely to be buried beneath the sand.

Try to spot where the highest waves stop when they come upon the beach. This area usually comes up with shells brought about by the waves. Another good spot would be where the smaller waves breaks before rolling onto the beach. A lot of the best specimens can be found here.

The last tip we can give you- which is also the most important- is that you should have patience when collecting these shells. There will be times when you find a lot of beautiful shells worthy of your collection. There are also times when you come away with nothing but a couple of chipped shells not worth keeping. Keep at it and never give up. Patience is rewarded in this hobby. Before you know it your collection will be filled to the brim with some of the most beautiful seashells that anyone has ever gazed upon.

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